Award Winning Respiratory Technology


The Easimask 200R has won 2 further international awards in recognition of its contribution to Safety and the COVID-19 response.


The MUSE Design Awards were created by the International Awards Associate (IAA) to promote and encourage creativity by providing a new global standard for design. The awards are given in recognition of designers whose craftsmanship shifts paradigms, whose ingenuity leaves others in awe and pushes boundaries beyond their limits.


“The best products have the ability to transform society, saving labour, saving lives, or simply providing entertainment. Creativity in product design can spark a wave that sweeps through an entire industry, changing it for the better.

“Muse Design Awards has deep respect for the hard work involved in truly innovative product design. We look for new products of any category that are uniquely useful, that inspire confidence and loyalty in customers and that offer joy.”

Visit the Muse Design Awards website for more information.


The Easimask 200R

  • Gold Award Winner in Safety Design
  • Silver Award Winner in COVID-19 Related Design

The Easimask 200R is the first UK made, two-way filtering, reusable half mask respirator featuring a clear, anti-fog speech recognition window.

Furthermore, the Easimask 200R has also won the BSiF Safety award for Product Innovation 2022 and the Red Dot award for Product Excellence 2022.