Charitable Donations


Although daily-life for many of us in the UK has pretty much gone back to normal, millions of people around the world are still struggling to deal with the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a global supplier of RPE and PPE, we’ve always felt it was important to support those in need.

In 2022, Full Support Healthcare donated 2,656,519 items of PPE to charitable causes including hospitals and emergency relief in the Ukraine.

Included in the donations were:

  • over 1 million FFP3 respirators,
  • 1.2 million surgical gloves, and
  • hundreds-of-thousands of other personal protective items such as visors, isolation gowns and powered-air respirators (PAPR).


Since the start of the pandemic, Full Support Healthcare has donated a staggering 57 million items of PPE to charities and good causes across the globe!

Watch this short video below to see just a few of the companies we’ve worked with these last few years to help those in need.