Customer Survey 2022


Toward the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 we undertook a Customer Satisfaction Survey to better understand our audience, their needs and how they view us as a company.

And these are the results…


  • 8.97/10 “Would recommend us to a colleague”
  • 98% Would recommend our Easimask – Single Use
  • 100% Would recommend our Fit Tester Training


The Survey

A simple, customer survey laid out in a quick, easy-to-use style.

The answerable questions adapted to the user’s response, so as not to ask irrelevant questions.

The full survey can be viewed here – but essentially, the survey boiled down to a few basic questions:

  • Have you used a Full Support Healthcare product or service before? (Yes/No)
  • Would you recommend us to a colleague? (Out of 10)
  • What reason did you give us this score? (Optional free text field)
  • Which products of ours are you familiar with? (Multiple choice)
  • Would you recommend these products to a colleague (Yes/No based on multiple-choice answer)


Gathering the data

Between October and January, three emails were sent out to our contact mailing list.

A/B testing on the formatting was used to maximise participation, using alternative personalised greetings and rich html formatting.

After each email campaign, any addresses registering a unique click were removed from the mailing list, to ensure no duplicated responses. The survey link was not publicised elsewhere to further make sure.


The Responses

The survey generated 111 customer responses by the time it was reviewed on Thursday 12th January.

Comparing this to our unique open rate shows a 3.1% response rate. Though it is worth noting that open rates can be affected by email servers and auto-replies.

The full results can be found here, but keep reading for the detailed summary:


The Results
  1. Have you used a Full Support Healthcare product or service before?
  • 66% Yes
  • 38% No

This question was asked primarily to prevent irrelevant data.

It is very likely that at least some of those who answered “No” to this question would have used one of our products or services due to being on our list; however, if they were a one-off customer, or did not use us directly, their input into the survey would be limited.


  1. Would you recommend us to a colleague?
  • 10 – 53%
  • 9 – 17%
  • 8 – 17%
  • 7 – 8%
  • 6 – 3%
  • 5 – 1%
  • 4 – 0%
  • 3 – 1%
  • 2 – 0%
  • 1 – 0%

When averaged, this results in an overall score of 8.97 out of 10.

When waited against the Net Promoter Score (NPS) – an international customer satisfaction scale – we received a +64, a scale of -100 to +100 where 0 is neutral. The average NPS for the Healthcare sector in 2022, according to Retently, was +38.


  1. What is the primary reason for your score?

56 out of the 73 participants that said they had used Full Support Healthcare products/services before let an answer in the free text field.

A full-list of comments can be found here.

Feedback on the whole was overwhelmingly positive, with the most common terms being:

  • Good products x18
  • Good service x17
  • Quick delivery x8
  • Quality products x6
  • Good customer servicex5
  • Helpful x5
  • Good communication x4
  • Friendly x3


  1. Which of our products are you familiar with?

This multiple-choice question allowed us to better understand how our customers value the products/services they actually use and get an idea of which products are our most popular.

  • 36% Easimask – Single Use
  • 18% Fit Tester Training
  • 17% Easigowns
  • 14% Other
  • 9% Easimask – Reusable Respirators
  • 7% Easidrapes



  1. Would you recommend Easimask – Single Use to a colleague?

Of the 49 participants that said they’ve used Easimask – Single Use 48 said yes.

  • 98% – Yes
  • 2% – No


  1. Would you recommend Fit Tester Training to a colleague?

Of the 25 participants that said they’ve used Fit Tester Training 25 said yes

  • 100% – Yes


  1. Would you recommend Easigowns to a colleague?

Of the 23 participants that said they’ve used Fit Tester Training 23 said yes

  • 100% – Yes


  1. Would you recommend Easimask – Reusable Respirators to a colleague?

Of the 12 participants that said they’ve used Fit Tester Training 11 said yes

  • 92% – Yes
  • 8% – No


  1. Would you recommend Easidrapes to a colleague?

Of the 8 participants that said they’ve used Fit Tester Training 8 said yes

  • 100% – Yes


What next?

As an incentive to participate, we promised that we would plant a tree for every submission.

That’s 111 new trees, all thanks to you.



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