Donation Update


Working in partnership with LigentiaVGL Group and Polska Organizacja Ratownicza, Full Support Group have donated 810,650 items of Personal Protective Equipment, including facemasks, gloves and protective gowns, to help in the humanitarian aid relief in response to the crisis taking place in Ukraine.

30th March

Over 800,000 items of essential PPE donations for Ukraine packed, wrapped and palatised ready for collection at the Full Support Healthcare warehouse.

1st April

Donations picked up from Northamptonshire, and delivered to Heathrow by Ligentia for the next stage of the journey to Ukraine, via Poland.

8th April

The shipment arrives in Poland where it is loaded back onto trucks by VGL Group to get to its final destination to support those in need.

19th April

The donation has arrived! Polska Organizacja Ratownicza receive the goods to support those most effected by the war.