Fit2Fit launch face Fit Testing companion booklets

Fit2Fit and the British Safety Industry Federation launched a new set of companion guidesto the HSE’s INDG 479 this month at a special launch event hosted by the Health & Safety Event – Birmingham 2019.


Industry Guidance (INDG) 479 is the latest Health and Safety Executive (HSE) document on respiratory protective equipment (RPE) face Fit Testing in the UK. Launched in March 2019, the document replaces the former British standard for RPE found in the Operation Circular (OC) 282/28.

Karen Long, director of Fit2Fit, and one of the authors of the companions, said at the event: “While the HSE’s new INDG 479 is the ‘what’ of Fit Testing, our companion guides are very much the ‘how’.

“Through working with the BSiF we have been able to provide comprehensive best-practice guidance and interpretation of the new HSE INDG 479 so that Fit Testers can continue to be confident in their Fit Testing.”

Divided into three separate guides, each companion is specifically tailored to the three legal means of face Fit Testing:

Each document includes the general Fit Testing guidance common to each method, in addition to bespoke content. Enabling them to be read individually without the need for cross-referencing.

Each companion is laid out with a foreword and table of contents; extracts from the INDG 479, and; accompanying explanatory guidance from the Fit2Fit technical committee.

Karen added: “While the guidance is vital for helping Fit Testers better understand the INDG 479 document, reading the companions alone is not a substitute for training and experience. Nor does it prove competency alone.

“Competency in Fit Testing can be shown however through passing the BSiF Fit2Fit Accreditation scheme.”

For more information on the companion guides and the Fit2Fit Accreditation scheme, please visit their website: www.fit2fit.com