Full Support Healthcare Donates Over a Million Items of PPE to International Aid Charity


Full Support Healthcare, a PPE supplier and educator based in Wellingborough, has donated a shipping container full of mixed personal protective equipment (PPE) to international aid charity, Ummah Welfare Trust.

The container holds over 1.5 million items of PPE, including face masks, visors, protective aprons and respirators.

This marks the latest in Full Support Healthcare’s charitable donation programme, having already given away more than 33.8 million items of PPE to good causes such as food banks, homeless charities, healthcare charities and schools.

Bolton-based charity, Ummah Welfare Trust, will deliver these items to Turkey and Syria’s Idlib province, where an estimated 4 million civilians remain displaced because of a decade-long war.

Attention has now shifted to Syria, where collaborating partner Ummah Welfare Trust has delivered millions of pounds of relief to help suffering families recover from the conflict.

Covid continues to remain a risk in Syria, particularly in Idlib’s overcrowded camps. The ongoing insecurity means that families haven’t received the assistance that they need.

Thanks to Full Support’s donation, however, much-needed PPE will be delivered through Ummah Welfare Trust to under-resourced hospitals, schools and camps across the country’s northern areas.

This equipment will protect and save lives, and help the region’s forgotten victims survive a crisis that has crippled communities worldwide.


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