Healthcare Monthly – January 2021

Effective Respiratory Protection in Healthcare

Hospital staff are 3-4 times more likely to contract COVID-19, so why are some still not being given the right PPE?

Over 1,500 medical professionals have come together in an open letter to demand for high-quality FFP3 respirators – such as our FSM18 Easimask respirator – to be required in all areas of a hospital.

Find out more about FSM18s and how we can help below.
RPE Available for Immediate Dispatch

Whether you need tight-fitting or loose-fitting, reusable or disposable, we have a wide range of P3 respirators in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

Full Support – The PPE and RPE Experts

PPE and RPE can be our last line of defence against respiratory hazards in the workplace.

Whether it’s through training, resources or protective equipment, find out why we’re the go-to experts for PPE and RPE.

Quantitative Fit Testing FAQs

A list of common questions and how to solve them.

Fit testing is a technical process which should only be performed by a competent and trained individual. To supplement your training, we’ve put together a list of common quantitative fit testing questions and how to solve them.