Healthcare News – August 2022



The Easimask 200R

Introducing the only UK-made, award-winning respirator to feature:

+ 2-way P3 filtration system with no exhalation valve
+ Anti-fog speech-recognition window
+ Sustainably reusable design

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Made in the UK

Until now, 2 way filtering RPE has only been achievable with single-use FFP3 respirators -.usually made in China. 

The Easimask 200R is not only made in the UK, it is easy to clean and fully reusable – saving your department money in RPE costs and drastically reducing your department’s carbon footprint.


2-way P3 Protection

Reduce the risk of cross contamination through asymptomatic infection with the Easimask 200R.

Our innovative filtration system filters air breathed in and out, offering protection for both the wearer and patient. 


Crystal Clear Communication

Traditional facemasks can be off putting for vulnerable patients who are hard of hearing and rely on lip reading to communicate effectively.

Be seen and heard with the Easimask 200R’s anti-fog clear speech-recognition communication window.


Award Winning Design

The award winning Easimask 200R has been designed specifically for the unique RPE challenges faced by frontline healthcare workers.

Recognised for its innovation in the field of RPE, the Easimask has won awards in COVID-19 Response, Safety Design and Product Excellence.

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