Healthcare News – February 2023


Green Team

The Green Team

As part of our commitment toward a more environmentally friendly future, we’ve set up our very own Green Team to help actively promote green initiatives at Full Support Healthcare.

Made up of ambassadors from every department in the company, we’ll be looking at exciting ways we can do our part to help reduce emissions in the NHS.

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Blood Strike-Through Protection

When it comes to hospital drapes and gowns, leakage and strike-through can be a real risk to infection control.

That’s why our EasiDrapes and EasiGownsuse a special blend of SpunMelt non-woven SMS fabric that is resistant to blood, water, fire and microbes.

Watch the video to see for yourself:

FFP3 Protection

Full Support Healthcare’s flagship FFP3 respirator – the Easimask FSM18 – is in stock and available for immediate dispatch from our UK warehouses when ordering direct.

Combining leading face-seal technology and an ergonomic pre-formed design; the FSM18 provides a secure, comfortable fit, every time.

Click below for more information, or email info@fullsupporthealthcare.com o place an order.