Healthcare Newsletter – July 2021

Should We Still Be Wearing Face Masks?

Now that the mask mandate has been lifted, we no longer have to wear face masks in many public settings. But should we anyway?

Whilst some public officials have said that we must learn to “live with the virus” but many others are still warning of the potential dangers of removing masks too early. Read the full story below.
Full Support – The PPE & RPE Experts

Protective equipment is often our last line of defence against respiratory hazards in the workplace.

Whether it’s through training, resources or specialist equipment, find out why we’re the go-to experts for PPE and RPE.

COVID Infections Reduce After Respirator Upgrade

A Cambridgeshire hospital has reported a dramatic decrease in COVID-19 infections amongst staff after upgrading to FFP3 respirators.

Despite following government guidelines, the Trust realised that staff who were caring for coronavirus patients on “red” wards were 47 times more likely to be infected with COVID-19.

The only thing left to try that could make a difference was FFP3 respirators and they did” – Dr Mark Ferris, Lead Researcher.

Read the full story below.

20.8 Million & Counting

Since the start of the pandemic, Full Support has donated over 20.8 million face masks and we still have more to give.

Update: Face Mask donations have now closed