Healthcare Science Week


Healthcare science week is an annual week of celebration and awareness-raising for the many different careers in healthcare science – from front-line workers, to researchers, educators to product developers.

As a leading supplier of respiratory protective equipment and RPE training to the NHS, we’re keenly aware of how vitally important the role of science is in the advancement of healthcare across the globe.

That’s why, we’ve pioneered some amazing inventions in healthcare.


Easimask Custom-Fit

Designed in conjunction with leading healthcare experts, the Easimask Custom-Fit FSM18 was designed specifically for frontline healthcare professionals.

Combining leading face-seal technology and ergonomic pre-formed design to provide a secure, comfortable fit every time, boasting a 93% first-time fit test pass rate using the quantitative fit testing method.

Unlike most FFP3 respirators, the FSM18 features a 360° hypoallergenic rubber seal for added comfort, a rigid shell to give extra room around the wearer’s mouth/nose, and a pre-formed nose bridge for minimal adjusting once donned.

Featuring no valves (suitable for COVID), no metal parts (suitable for MRI) and latex-free (suitable for everybody), get in touch if you’d like to find out more or click here to place an order.


Vigilant Safety Solutions

The HSE estimates that as many as 12,000 people in the UK alone die each year because of improper protection from airborne hazards in the workplace and a further 400,000 days are taken off sick.

While it is a legal requirement that employers properly equip their employees with the appropriate RPE to handle respiratory hazards in the workplace – many organisations are unaware of what this means, or how to properly track and monitor this effectively.


Vigilant Safety Solutions® is a new and innovative management system that empowers organisations to accurately monitor and record their use of RPE across multiple sites – ensuring confidence, competence and compliance to HSE legal regulations throughout any company. Through a cloud-based system, clients are able to monitor RPE legal compliance in real-time, instantly flag up any areas requiring improvement and ensure respiratory risks are being handled effectively.

A multi-faceted software package, Vigilant Safety Solutions® comprises of three parts:

  • Cloud-based Data Management Centre for organisational compliance
  • Real-time Reporting Suite
  • Field Application tool

With Vigilant, hospitals are better equipped to keep their staff safe from respiratory viruses through the proper training, education and distribution of RPE.


Healthcare Science

Full Support Healthcare have pushed the boundaries for respiratory protection in healthcare. Only through continued investing in the development of scientific research in healthcare can we see unique and ground-breaking changes in the current state of emergency services in the UK.