HSE Construction Inspection Initiative 2019


Starting this month, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will be carrying out a new round of targeted inspections in the construction industry – with a particular focus on respiratory protection procedures.


While health and safety checks are often focused on the serious issue of accident prevention; comparatively speaking, many thousands more people suffer ill-health at work than are injured or killed by accidents.

It’s estimated that as many as 12,000 people each year die from work-related respiratory conditions – 3,500 of which are caused by asbestos and silica in the construction industry alone.

Construction workers are potentially putting their respiratory health at risk every day. Common practices such as drilling and sanding can release hazardous materials into the air, breathed in and cause lasting permanent damage.


Full Support’s RPE Expert Brian Lavell said of the inspection: “It’s great to see that the HSE are doing more targeted inspections regarding respiratory dangers, to ensure staff are adequately protected. Unfortunately, however, inspections like these are only needed because the construction industry, and others, are putting their workers in danger every day by not providing the correct RPE and training.”

Inspectors from the HSE will be looking to ensure that employees at every level know the potential risks, plan their work accordingly and use the right controls to reduce hazards to health.


Where poor standards are found, enforcement action – such as fines and/or prosecutions – will be taken.

While cutting corners may be responsible for some people’s poor standards in RPE, a large percentage of improper (or lack of) use is simply due to not knowing what’s required of them.


At Full Support, we pride ourselves in not just selling the best respiratory protective equipment, but also in providing the best education and training alongside.

Mr Lavell added: “It is our mission to ensure that every person, whatever their industry, is provided with the correct RPE and training to protect their health.”

Our Fit2Fit accredited RPE experts have over 50 years’ experience in RPE, Health & Safety and Education and have taught over 100,000 people in RPE across the UK.


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