In case of emergency


If your environment turns toxic, would you have time to escape?


Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is one of many control methods used to protect people from harmful respiratory hazards in the workplace. Even those who work with highly hazardous chemicals may not always need to wear RPE if other controls (such as fume cupboards) are used effectively to remove the danger.

However, what measures do you have in place for if those controls were to fail? Or if there were an accident, spill or fire?

Would your workers have time to escape without breathing in potentially life-threatening gases? And what if the exit were blocked… Would they be able to hold on until rescue arrived?


Introducing the Dräger PARAT – emergency escape hood.

The PARAT escape hood by Dräger has been specifically designed to offer emergency respiratory protection to help an individual escape from a hazardous environment or wait to be rescued.

Quick to don

Easily donned in less than 20 seconds, the user simply opens the case, slips it on over their head and runs.
The unit has a self-adjusting head harness that requires no tightening or adjusting, and the filter plug is automatically activated upon opening.

There when you need it

Wall or belt mountable, the PARAT is there when you need it. Each PARAT filter is guaranteed for 8 years (unused) and can be replaced for a total of 16 years’ coverage.
With on-case instructions, the PARAT escape hood is as convenient and user-friendly as a fire extinguisher or fire blanket.

Ultimate protection

The unit’s high-performance combination filter can reliably protect the user against a wide range of toxic industrial gases, vapours and particles. The 7500 series also protect against Carbon Monoxide and other hazardous substances to aid emergency fire escape.

Also equipped with a high-vis exterior and in-built panoramic visor, the PARAT is the ultimate in escape RPE.

Find out more here – or get in touch with our RPE Experts to see how we can help:

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