Jenny’s Story – the impact of dust


A series of high-quality short films has been released by Crossrail Project entitled the Crossrail Health & Safety Impact Series, depicting some of the knock-on effects of not taking health and safety at work seriously.


Jenny’s Story depicts a young, vibrant construction worker being interviewed about her use of respirator masks on the job. While she answers positively, evidently knowing the correct response, she quickly caveats her answer with ‘ands’ and ‘buts’.

“…But they can be a bit fiddly.”

“I find them quite uncomfortable.”

It’s clear that she’s been told of the risks, but she hasn’t appreciated the severity of the situation.

Jenny is asked if she has seen any impact on her health over the past 5 years. She doesn’t think so – which is understandable; occupational respiratory conditions such as COPD, silicosis and lung cancer all take time to develop. However, when considering her workmates’ worsening health conditions, she quickly attributes these to them ‘probably’ being heavy smokers.

Fast-forward 5 years and we see the true impact of not wearing respiratory protection.

The camera walks the viewer through a colourful, vibrant barbeque with children and adults playing in the garden, into the house. There we see Jenny sitting on the sofa. Alone, pale, struggling to breathe, strapped to an oxygen tank, wheezing.

With her laboured breath ringing in our ears we read:

Early retirement is not always as expected
You need healthy lungs
How many reasons do you need to protect them?


It’s not enough for people to know the right answers or have the right equipment. To protect your workforce, every person working in hazardous environments needs to be protected.

It’s not worth the risk.

The complete Crossrail Health and Safety Impact Video Series is available to watch on YouTube, covering various occupational hazards including working at height, welding, electricity and awareness on site.

For more information on respiratory hazards in the workplace, respiratory protective equipment solutions or RPE training courses, please get in touch.