Northamptonshire Fit Test Centre Now Open


Full Support have been supplying the NHS with Respiratory protection for over a decade and now supply nearly 90% of the NHS Hospitals in the UK.  For the past 2 years we have been bringing our expertise to the industrial sector and have realised that there is a vast and increasing need for fit testing locally.

Many people who wear a tight fitting respirator masks for work are unaware that fit testing is a legal requirement.  Wearing a poorly fitting mask can have long term consequences with long term health issues or even life threatening illnesses.  As the Health & Safety Executive tightens up on companies to ensure fit testing is taking place, Full Support opens a new local much needed fit testing service in Northamptonshire.

The wide range of masks available can be slightly bewildering, from single use to reusable half and full face masks, traditional filters covering particulate, gasses or a combination of the two, through to more specialist powered air and breathing apparatus.

At Full Support we offer more than just a fit testing service:

  • Mask selection service – helping you make the right choice for the huge range available
  • How to conduct a fit check – something you can do daily to ensure continued protection
  • Training on mask care, storage & maintenance – extending the life of your masks/filters
  • Advice on filters types required – ensuring correct choice for your specific work environment
  • A one stop shop for fit testing, respirator masks, filters, education and advice.

To read more about this service visit our Fit Test Centre or call 01933 672180 for further details.