The Evo2

Introducing the next generation in loose-fitting powered air purifying respirators.


Our new and improved Loose-Fitting Respirator Kits are ideal for protecting those who need chemical/gas protection, staff who haven’t been Fit Tested yet, and people with beards or facial scarring.

Following extensive testing and customer feedback, we are pleased to announce our new and improved RPE Kit – the EVO2.

  • Streamlined design – for optimal comfort
  • Single filter system – no need for fiddly adaptors
  • User friendly – covered fan allows the unit to be worn under scrubs/gowns/aprons
  • Wipe clean – decontamination compliant and hospital friendly
  • Reusable and single-use hood options available


The EVO2 RPE Kit is designed for protecting hospital staff from respiratory contagions. Available with a reusable hood or without – for use with single-use hoods. The Kit comes in a self-contained tub for transportation and storage and may be bought with additional filters to protect against particulate (P3) or chemical/gas hazards as required


The EVO2 Grab Bag is specially designed to offer round the clock respiratory protection when caring for patients over extended periods. Including 2 x battery units, 2 x hoses and 2 x reusable hoods, the Grab Bag is set up for quick transfer of equipment between staff without the need to buy two (or more) RPE Kits. All packaged in a self-contained wheeled-box, the Grab Bag may be bought with additional filters to protect its users against particulate (P3) or chemical/gas hazards as required.

For more information on the EVO2 and all of its permutations and accessories, please call us on 01933 672180 or email us at info@fullsupporthealthcare.com