The Future of Fit Testing is Here


Bringing Quantitative Face Fit Testing to Healthcare

Full Support Healthcare are now offering PortaCount machines and training for Quantitative Fit Testing to healthcare providers across the UK.


  • Step-by-step video instructions
  • Live Fit Check statistics
  • Scientific particle numeration

It is a legal requirement that any employee in the UK needing to wear a tight-fitting respirator be Face Fit Tested before first wearing one in the workplace.


The Quantitative Fit Test method (using the PortaCount machine) works by comparing the number of particles inside the respirator against the number in the room, to see how many particles are leaking through.

This unbiased, scientifically quantifiable method of Face Fit Testing provides the most accurate of results every time.

Ensure your staff are secure in the knowledge that their respirator is providing the protection it should be for their role.

To book your free demonstration, please contact:
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