How much time and money could you save on Fit Testing?


In the first year of changing respirator fit testing method, an average* NHS Trust fit testing 4,000 staff could save as much as:



NHS Trusts across the country are changing the way they do respirator fit testing, saving time and money while improving results and compliance.

The old qualitative ‘taste’ test method is difficult, messy and time-consuming.

Get in touch to find out how much you could save by switching to the PortaCount method – for easier, quicker and more robust compliant fit testing.


PortaCount – Quantitative Fit Testing

Unlike the traditional ‘taste’ method, fit testing with a PortaCount machine offers a fast, robust and pleasant experience, involving no foul tasting solutions.

Fit testing with the PortaCount machine takes half the time of the qualitative alternative, providing huge savings in time and money.

Featuring on-screen animated instructions and little involvement from the trainer, PortaCount fit testing is a simpler, easier process for all involved.

Furthermore, upgrade to the new Custom-Fit Easimask FSM18 for pass rates of 93%*, both increasing staff protection and time/money savings when fit testing.


How Much Could I Save?

While every Trust will differ, we’ve calculated the potential savings for your average NHS Trust to see what savings you could make by switching to the PortaCount and the Custom-Fit Easimask FSM18.

For a bespoke calculation for your Trust – get in touch.


*Fit Testing 4000 Staff to Completion

Qualitative Fit Testing: £118,301.00
PortaCount Fit Testing: £71,430.63

An NHS Trust fit testing 4000 people could see a saving of £46,870.38  and 5,012.5  staff hours simply by switching fit test methods and using the Custom-Fit Easimask FSM18.


For a bespoke calculation for your Trust – get in touch.