The PortaCount Challenge



Is your respirator putting your life in danger?


Even if your respirator has a CE mark it might not be protecting you the way that it should…

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is used in the workplace as the last line of defence between hazardous airborne substances and your lungs. In mild cases hazardous exposure can lead to allergies, coughs or short-term irritations. In serious cases, exposure can lead to disease, cancer and even death.

However, a recent report by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that as many as 50% of FFP3 single-use respirators on the market fail basic testing.

When you factor in that many people in the workforce are wearing respirators they have not been fit tested on – it’s easy to see that many many more are not sufficiently protected.


That’s why Full Support are challenging people across the country to see if their respirator is up to scratch by taking the PortaCount Challenge – a quantitative fit test, to see if your respirator really is protecting you the way that it should be.

All Health & Safety Managers whose workforce uses FFP3 respirators are invited to get in touch for a free fit testing session and consultation with one of our fully fit2fit accredited trainers.

Simply click on the button below, email info@fullsupporthealthcare.com or call 01933 672180 to book your free PortaCount Challenge today.