The R Series is Here


Welcome to the next step in half-mask respiratory technology.

The Easimask R Series – Reusable Respirator Range from Full Support Healthcare offers three distinct respirators designed to meet the needs of three unique industries.

UK made, reusable and recyclable, the R Series brings an ecologically friendly solution to respiratory protection, without compromising on cost or quality. Alongside providing a secure and comfortable fit, the R Series respirator boasts P3 protection, quickcheck filters and industry-first features such as true 2-way filtration.

Specially designed for general industrial use, offering protection against particle, dust and fume-based hazards.

  • PPE compatible – Don and doff your respirator without removing your other PPE thanks to detachable straps.
  • Save time – The 100R’s straps lock into place, retaining the same positioning and size, saving you time in donning and reducing the risk of an improper fit.
  • Wipe clean – Enclosed filters and smooth, tempered surfaces make for quick, easy cleaning even from the toughest of tasks.

A UK-made, reusable half-mask respirator designed specifically for healthcare, featuring 2-way filtration, no exhalation valve and a transparent speech recognition window.

  • 2-way protection – Introducing the first truly 2-way filtering reusable half-mask respirator. Air is breathed in through the reusable P3 filters and back out again – offering protection for both wearer and those around them.
  • No exhalation valve – The integrated air flow guide channels air flow through the filters, resulting in a low breathing resistance, despite no exhalation valve. This avoids any risk of cross contamination.
  • Speech recognition window – Anti-fog transparent window allows for clearer communication with patients and other staff. Essential for conversing with children and the hard of hearing.

Pharmaceutical respirator designed for ultimate protection, prolonged wear-time and ease-of-use.

  • Easy decontamination – Made from a hardened Polyehylene Terephthalate plastic, the 300R is suitable for the most stringent of decontamination and cleaning regimes.
  • Range of sizes – Available in 3 sizes with adjustable head straps to encompass almost every adult face shapes.
  • Lightweight – Weighing only 135g with an average inhalation breathing resistance of just 0.02 mbar per 95 l/min, the R300 can be worn for extended periods without causing fatigue – increasing productivity.

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