Ummah Donation Update


Following on from Full Support Healthcare’s donation of facemasks to international aid charity, Ummah, back in September, the essential PPE has now landed in the Idlib province of Northern Syria and has been distributed to hospitals, isolation centres and local residents most at risk from the coronavirus.

It is estimated that around 4 milion civilians remain displaced in the Idlib province, due to the war that has gone on for over a decade. As with the rest of the world, COVID continues to remain a risk across Syria, but is particularly dangerous in places with dense populations, such as Idlib’s refugee camps. The ongoing insecurity of being displaced meant that families hadn’t received the assistance that they needed, until now.



“Thanks to Full Support, much-needed PPE will be delivered by Ummah Welfare Trust to under-resourced hospitals, schools and camps across the country’s northern areas. The equipment will protect and save lives and help the region’s forgotten victims survive a crisis that has crippled communities worldwide.”