Winter is coming…


Winter may only just be upon us, but an NHS Trust in Yorkshire has been preparing for months in advance to get themselves ready for the flu season.

Since early summer, Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield, part of the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, has been working with Full Support Healthcare to promote respiratory protection awareness and training ahead of the winter months.

Christine Cruise, Head of Infection Prevention Control at Pinderfields said: “From October to March we see a massive increase in staff usage of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE).”

“While many of our staff have received RPE training and have been Fit Tested before, regular reminders are important to ensure our high standards are met.”

“At Full Support we’re dedicated to respiratory education and raising awareness,” Mick Slack, RPE Specialist and Fit Tester Trainer, added. “The government and the Health and Safety Executive have stringent regulations when it comes to tight-fitting RPE so that users are adequately and suitably protected.”

To comply with regulations, any person required to wear a tight-fitting respirator  for work should be Fit Tested before using it.

With hundreds of new potential RPE users in hospitals across the UK, hospitals like Pinderfields have been taking a proactive approach to ensure staff are prepared and ready when the need arises this winter.