Flammability Comparison


When it comes to hospital drapes and gowns, ignition resistance and flame retardance is an essential feature for protecting not just the patient, but the entire hospital. Unfortunately, some manufacturers do not appreciate the risk, cutting corners in safety to provide sub-standard products.

Flame retardancy is the ability of a material to resist the ignition and spread of flames. In the case of hospital textiles, flame retardant materials are used to prevent accidents that can occur due to sparks or flames generated by equipment used in medical procedures, such as diathermy pens. If drapes and gowns are not flame retardant, a single spark can cause a fire that can be difficult to control in a hospital setting and cause catastrophic injury to an already vulnerable patient.

In the video above, you can see that even the slightest touch from a diathermy pen can quickly ignite certain drape and gown materials.


To minimise risk, hospitals need to use appropriate, quality drapes and gowns that are ignition and flame resistant. That’s why our EasiDrapes and EasiGowns use a special blend of SpunMelt non-woven SMS fabric.

Unlike some of our competitors, our drapes and gown products are resistant to blood, water, fire and microbes.


But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself: