PPE Managed Services with Full Support


In the current climate, almost every organisation is expected to be a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) expert. Seemingly overnight businesses large and small have had to source, stock and supply their employees with regulated equipment to ensure they, their colleagues and their customers are suitably protected from the risks of coronavirus.

Up until recently however, PPE and RPE (respiratory protective equipment) have been reasonably niche markets for specialist protection in fields such as construction, welding and healthcare. Used as a last line of defence against extreme hazards, selecting the wrong PPE or not giving the correct training can, in certain circumstances, literally be a matter of life and death.

But with the influx of rogue traders, fake certificates and faulty products, it can be difficult for businesses that don’t specialise in PPE to meet regulations, buy the right products and keep their staff safe.

That’s where we come in.

With Full Support’s Managed Services, our experts can take on the whole PPE process, so you don’t have to.



Why Managed Services?

Managed Services with Full Support is a simple, efficient and cost-effective way of ensuring your organisation is fully prepared and compliant for all things PPE.

With more than 20 years’ experience providing PPE, RPE and theatre apparel to the NHS, Full Support is in the unique position of being able to manage the entire PPE process on your behalf – from risk assessments to sourcing, stock rotation to training – ensuring your organisation has the correct PPE every day, and that your staff remain compliant and protected.

  • Consultation – Our experts will work with you to understand your bespoke PPE requirements and potential areas of risk and advise you on what equipment you need to keep your staff safe.
  • Sourcing – As one of the leading providers of PPE to the NHS, we have access to competitive pricing of top-quality products through mass production.
  • Stocking – If storage is an issue, we can store, rotate and dispatch your stock in manageable quantities from our central England warehouses to anywhere in the UK.
  • Training – With a regional team of fit2fit qualified trainers and reem of CPD accredited PPE courses.
  • Ongoing support – Our specialists keep up to date on the latest government and HSE regulations and will continually work with you to break down how changes might impact your business and needs.


For more information please contact Mel Randall on mrandall@fullsupporthealthcare.com / 07958 518284.