Are you prepared for winter?


We are pleased to see so many NHS Trusts preparing for winter – we have shipped hundreds of RPE Kits/Grabs Bags already this year and new orders are flooding in daily. Our loose fitting powered air respirators do not require a fit test because a tight fitting seal is not required, they rely on enough clean air being provided to the wearer to prevent contaminant leaking in. These respirators are ideal for staff, who for a variety of reasons, cannot or have not been fit tested.

  • Staff with facial hair.
  • Staff with scars, burns, moles, piercings etc. around the seal of a tight fitting respirator.
  • Staff who wear hijabs, turbans, glasses, safety goggles, hearing aids & other PPE required for work that interferes with the seal.
  • Staff unable to carry out a fit test due to medical reasons
  • Staff who have had facial surgery or major orthodontic work leaving them unable to achieve a fit test pass on a tight fitting mask
  • Staff awaiting a fit test & visitors

Loose fitting respirators are also a great solution when a respirator needs to be worn for extended periods – for comfort reasons.

“In the vast majority of scenarios loose fitting alternatives to tight-fitting masks are available and should be selected where necessary.”
Health & Safety Executive OC282/28

Full Support has created 3 bespoke solutions for the NHS, each is available either with or without filters. This gives you the flexibility to order exactly what you need to ensure the staff in your department are adequately and suitably protected from a wide range of respiratory hazards.

The RPE Particulate Kit – Infection control protection for individual staff members against respiratory viruses.

The RPE Grab Bag™ – The emergency infection control solution for 24 hour patient care against respiratory viruses.

The RPE Chemical Kit – For the protection of staff against particulate hazards, chemical fumes and spillages.

All components are plastic, wipe clean and easy to decontaminate. The RPE Kits are packaged in easy to stack plastic tubs and the Grab Bag™ is available in a robust plastic wheeled storage case, ready for rapid deployment to any department in an emergency.