Dorset County Hospital trains new wave of respiratory fit testers


Healthcare professionals at Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester received Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) fit tester training earlier this month, as part of a new roll out training programme on respiratory safety.

“RPE is vital in many different areas of our work,” said Emma Hoyle, Associate Director of Infection Prevention & Control. “For everyone’s safety it’s vitally important that the correct respiratory equipment is used and people can wear it properly.”

“Partnering with Full Support for our fit tester training was the logical choice, as their method of training staff to become testers meant that the necessary training can easily be filtered throughout the Trust quickly without everyone needing to be off at the same time.”

“After some excellent training, we feel prepared to pass on our new knowledge and deliver our own fit testing back on the wards.”

The respirator fit tester training sessions at Dorset County Hospital, run by Full Support Healthcare, were attended by around 50 staff from different departments across the Trust. From there, these trained professionals will collaboratively cascade the testing process across their departments in an easily sustainable way, ensuring staff are competent, confident and compliant with government regulations.

Brian Lavell, RPE expert and Fit Test trainer for Full Support Healthcare added: “Our training sessions are specially designed to equip and enable delegates to become testers themselves. This is a fantastic way for large organisations, such as Dorset County Hospital, to have all their relevant staff fit tested without everyone needing to attend the initial training.”