FFP3 Particulate Respirators – Keeping you safe at work


Due to high demand, we have decided to increase the manufacturing volumes of our Easimask FFP3 Particulate Respirators to 5 million units a month. 

The coronavirus pandemic has heightened everyone’s awareness of respiratory health, but many are still unaware of the difference between face masks and respirators.

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is used as a last line of defence against workplace hazards in a variety of different environments and industries. The most common type being the FFP or filtering face piece. 

FFP3 Respirators work by forming a tight seal around the wearer’s nose and mouth (the “breathing zone”) so that when they breathe, the hazardous particles in the air pass through the filter material and only clean air is breathed into the lungs. 

However, just wearing the mask does not automatically mean you are protected. For example, the tight seal might not be able to form if the respirator wasn’t put on correctly or if the wearer has facial hair. 

It is a legal requirement for each individual to be fit tested before using tight-fitting RPE to make sure the seal can be formed. If a tight seal is not formed, potentially lethal hazardous particles in the air could be breathed in and cause ill-health, latent respiratory conditions or even death.

The sudden need for respirators earlier this year meant we saw a massive increase in unsuitable ‘respirators’ and a sharp increase in dangerous practices – including skipping fit testing and wearing unsuitable RPE.

Ensuring everyone comes home from work safe and healthy is our top priority at Full Support. That’s why we have increased our market leading Easimask FFP3 Respirator production to 5 million a month. 

This increased production rate means we can pass on the savings straight to you, making each mask only £3.25 each. Plus, our respirators have a 93% fit test pass rate using the quantitative method, so not only will you save money per unit, but also reduce your fit testing costs. 

Our respirators are widely used by NHS services across the UK as well as a range of different industries. 

Made using hypoallergenic materials, a non-latex seal and pre-shaped design, the respirator has been expertly designed to fit snugly on any wearer’s face. Furthermore, the Easimask’s unvalved design offers total two-way protection – ideal for keeping safe during the pandemic. Find out more about the difference between valved and unvalved.

Our respirators are widely used across the NHS and are available in case quantities. Just get in touch on info@fullsupporthealthcare.com or call 01933 672180 to order.