The importance of correct doffing


Improper removal of personal protective equipment spreads infection.

new study monitoring the spread of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MRDO) in hospitals, found that as many as 36% of healthcare workers were contaminated with MDRO following patient contact. After removing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, aprons and respirator masks, as many as 10.4% were still shown to be contaminated on their hands, clothes or personal items.

The study goes on to reveal that as many as 72% of workers made multiple errors while removing their PPE. Suggesting a direct link between contamination rate and the incorrect PPE removal.

One of the lead authors of the study, Dr Koh Okamoto, said:

“Based on these findings, we should reevaluate strategies for removing personal protective equipment. As well as how often healthcare workers are trained on these methods.

“An intervention as simple as education about appropriate doffing of personal protective equipment may reduce healthcare worker contamination with multi-drug resistant organisms.”

Given the high rate of contamination after doffing, the authors recommend further research and consideration into removal techniques. And further study into the impact of improved education for donning and doffing PPE in the healthcare sector.

At Full Support, we take the spread of infection very seriously. We take great measure to design our products with minimizing risk in mind, at every level.

When ordering from our Easimask respirator range we offer bespoke training to ensure staff are trained in how to safely equip and remove their respirator without spreading infection.

We also provide free resources, such as donning/doffing videos and posters to remind staff on a daily basis.


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